Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vintage Finds This Week (02-11-2012)

What a great find this week!
While out hunting around, I looked at a table next to us in a consignment shop and spied a large, chrome, bell. Now, normally I wouldn't look at a bell. A bell, is a bell, is a bell. Right? Plus I have a tendency to have to ring them, which has a tendency to annoy Ellen.
There was something different about this bell, though, and I just had to check it out.
I reached over, and, making sure it wouldn't ring since Ellen was within striking distance, carefully lifted the bell. It was light. Too light to be a real bell. It had a solid bottom. Who ever heard of a bell with a solid bottom. It had a pour spout. Wait ... A pour spout?
Of course! This wasn't a real bell. It was a cocktail shaker in the form of a bell.
I quickly checked the internet and found it was a 1930s Town Crier Cocktail Shaker.
I snatched it up and headed to the front of the store.
Town Crier Cocktail Shaker
"Town Crier Bell Cocktail Shaker
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