Sunday, October 5, 2014

Industrial Age Tech Inspires Designers and Gains New Life

Steampunk and industrial are popular styles, but they don't fit everyone's lifestyle. Some find steampunk's flair too overstated, and perhaps a little too busy. Industrial style is a little more rough around the edges than steampunk, and can seem a bit heavy, or cold, for some.

If you like the feel of steampunk, or industrial, but you don't want too much of either in your decor, you can add touches of these edgy looks without giving up your current style.

Designers today are creating true objets d'art for the home utilizing items such as gauges and dials, pulleys, old lighting fixtures, and a host of other pieces from old machinery and factories. Some of these designer creations are not just decorative, but are functional pieces that can be appreciated for their design aesthetic as well as their practicality.

From ELLE Decor

In the room above, the contemporary style gets a touch of industrial with addition of a metal stool used as a side table next to the sofa.

Fabrics such as burlap or plain muslin can give furniture and other accessories a raw feel, that adds a pop to a more polished style.

From House Beautiful - UK

A traditional style sofa gets an industrial touch with raw fabric throw pillows featuring designs from the 19th and early 20th.

Blending Styles - Stir, Don't Shake

Adding touches of Industrial Chic can be quite simple, and needn't look forced. First, take some time to look around your room and get a sense of your own style.

Your Style Industrial Style
Contemporary Smooth lines. Sleek. Chrome or brass. Mid century styles.
Traditional Copper with dark patina. 19th and early 20th century style items. Raw fabrics. Nautical.
Country Rusty metals. Worn wood. Handmade items. Raw fabrics. Farm industry items.
Global Woods with rich patina. Simple tools. Handmade items. Parts from manual or nature powered tools (wind/water mills, stone grinders, etc.)

Here are some items we found from our fellow Etsy shop owners.

High polished chrome or brass items can blend into many contemporary, modern or art deco looks.

  • INDUSTRIAL Vintage Bar Cart, Mid Century Retro Bar Cart, Chocolate Metal & Champagne Chrome, VGC Condition - Scottsdale Marketplace #773
    295.00 USD
  • Vintage Brass Watering Can, Art Deco Style, Aged Patina, Heavy Weight Brass, Petite, ca. 1960s
    75.00 USD
  • Brass Machine Age Candelabra *FREE SHIPPING*
    35.00 USD
  • Contemporary Modern Industrial Metal Coffee Table
    345.00 USD
  • TWIN BIRD INDUSTRIAL Glass and Metal Coffee or Tea Set from Japan
    89.99 USD
  • 1950s Vintage Mid Century Modern Chrome Aluminum Swag Lamp Round 16 inch 10 tall Light Aircraft Industrial Manufactured
    495.00 USD

Fabrics like burlap can be used for pillows, curtains, and seating. Old canvas bins are great for storage or decoration.

  • Burlap Throw Pillow - Decorative Pillow, Accent Pillow, Rustic Throw Pillow, Burlap Pillow, Rustic Pillow
    15.00 USD
  • Burlap Drapes Jute Burlap Curtains 4 Panels 40 x 104"
    126.00 USD
  • Custom Pair of Vintage Coffee Sack Arm Chairs
    1200.00 USD
  • Vintage Industrial Canvas Bins, 3 Available - Shoe, Toy, or Firewood Storage
    115.00 USD
  • French Grain Sack Design - Oatmeal linen fabric - zipper enclosure 3 sizes
    37.99 USD

Common items, such as plumbing pipes, can be used to create storage or media units, or curtain rods, turning them into unique, uncommon, conversation pieces.

  • Large Industrial-Inspired Galvanized Pipe Curtain Rod
    95.00 USD
  • Stained Birch Plywood and Steel Pipe Wall Mounted and Floor Standing Industrial Chic Shelving/Bookcase with Cupboard
    2380.00 GBP
  • Handmade Industrial Pulley Bookends (Item# BE9)
    80.00 USD

More unusual items, like old machine or auto parts, can be repurposed into extraordinary pieces.

  • Tractor brake drum end table
    898.99 USD
  • Tractor Seat Bar Stool Set
    550.00 USD
  • Industrial Pendant Light Hanging Vintage Metal Steampunk Pulley Gear with Edison Bulb
    69.95 USD
  • Bespoke Reclaimed Scaffolding Boards and Dark Steel Pipe Angled Shelving/Bookcase/Display Unit with adjustable angled shelves and hooks
    1225.00 GBP