Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vintage Hanging Ashtray in Mod Red Swirl Glaze

Very cool, very mod, vintage hanging ashtray with a wonderful red, orange, yellow and black swirled glaze.

You could use this as a hanging planter or turn it into a hanging lamp. The hook at the top has basic lamp hardware so it would be simple to thread an electric cord into it.

We found this hanging ashtray at a local consignment shop. We were surprised that it had been there for several months before we picked it up. We go into that shop a couple times a month and we had never seen it before.

Where was it hiding? We don't know.

Why hadn't anyone else picked up the awesome piece? Some questions just can't be answered.

Anyway ... Here it is.

The piece isn't marked, so we have no idea who made it.

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