Saturday, September 17, 2011

Continental Art Company Plaster Lamps - Pair of Nude Dancers with Capes

Pair of dancing nudes, male and female, with capes. Captured as if in mid-leap. Gracefully rendered. The dancers sensually curve as they effortlessly float through the air towards each other.

This gorgeous pair of plaster, figural lamps is from Continental Art, Co. The lamps are marked on the base, "Continental Art, Co. 1952." One of the lamps still has its paper sticker on it.

The lamp design was created by John W. Lindner of Milwaukee, WI. We located the design patent application, D167,046, filed on February 14, 1952.

From the muscle definition on the figures, down to the golden, laced, sandals, Lindner's design captures the dancers in beautiful detail.

An upcoming auction values two identical lamps, with shades, at between $750 - $1,400.

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  1. I have a pair of Continental Lamps just like these two. Mine are all olive green with dark grey capes.