Friday, October 7, 2011

Monumental Mid-Century Glass Table Lamp

We recently found this amazing, mid-century, glass table lamp with gold and silver painted cityscape. It is truly monumental in size, standing nearly 48" (four feet) tall. The lampshade rests on top of the glass shade and is topped by a 3" finial.

The lamp body is glass, colored light blue/green. Around the body, painted in thick silver and gold, is a wonderfully stylized scene depicting an idyllic city block. We are shown the beautiful Palace theater, a church, bank, highrise apartment and several other dwellings. Above all of these, the sun shines down from a cloudless sky.

Given the size, the glass shade and the style of the art, this lamp feels very late 1950s or early 1960s.

Unfortunately there are no markings to tell us who made this lamp or where it is from. It does have a look very reminiscent of some Rembrandt Lamps. But a close comparison of the glass shade, the shade base and the number of screws doesn't really match Rembrandt Lamps.

The closet item we could find anywhere else was this pair of Asian motif eglomise lamps, from the shop of Matt Murphy Studio, on

Courtesy of Matt Murphy Studio & 1stdibs

Looking at the shape of the lamp, the base and the vase cap, the style is exactly the same as ours. And, the height of these lamps, with the shade, is 47". Almost exactly the same as our lamp.

If anyone has any thoughts on the maker of our lamp, please let us know.

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