Thursday, November 29, 2012

'Tis the Season ...

That Autumn chill is in the air. The scent of turkey and cranberry fills the house.
Yes, the holiday season is upon us.
Winter Wonderland
Hazel Atlas Ski Theme Tom & Jerry Set
This is a hard to find Hazel Atlas, ski theme, Tom & Jerry set. The milk glass style bowl and cups feature several ski themes depicted in a whimsical drawing style. Both the bowl and the cups have the "Tom and Jerry" label on them. We haven't seen any of these available as a set lately, and we're excited to be able to offer this set now.
Themes on the bowl and cups include a downhill skier, one putting skis on, one taking a tumble and one herringboning up a hill. All the skiers are drawn in a classic mid century style and have a bright red sweater.
Available from our Etsy shop. Sold
We Three Kings...
Porsgrund, Julen 1969, Three Wise Men Plate
Wonderful, stylized Christmas plate from Porsgrund, Norway. "De Hellige Tre Konger (The Three Wise Men)" 1969 Limited Edition Series Plate. The Three Wise Men are wonderfully depicted bearing gifts and following the star of Bethlehem. Marked on the back with the Porsgrund, Norway, PP and anchor logo. This plate is still in its original box (although the box has seen better days) and includes the brochure that came with it.
The design of this plate is quintessential late 1960s Scandinavian. Unfortunately, the brochure only describes the designer of this plate as, "a contemporary artist" and doesn't give their name.
Available from our Etsy shop.
The Story of the Nutcracker
Cheryl Johnson Designed "Nutcracker Prince" Glasses
From the "Nutcracker Village" collection by Cheryl Johnson Associates, ©1988. Featuring the regal Nutcracker Prince, en pointe, in his royal red coat with sword at his side. Surrounding the prince are crimson, red, ribbons.
Cheryl Ann Johnson designed a number of Christmas themed items in the late 80s for companies like Dept. 56 and Sakura.
Available from our Etsy shop. Sold
Silver ...
Dorothy Thorpe Style Silver Rim Barware
Elegant, Dorothy Thorpe style, silver rim double old fashioned and hiball glasses. Rimmed with a ¾" thick silver band. Base is heavy, concave glass.
Beautiful barware for any collection or celebration.
We can't directly attribute these to Dorothy Thorpe, but they have that "smooth and cool" style that has become synonymous with Thorpe and the A&E series, "Mad Men".
... and Gold
Weeping Gold Bowl, Kingwood Ceramics Art Pottery
Elegant, Weeping-Bright Gold decorative bowl from Kingwood Ceramics. Circa 1940s art pottery bowl is hand decorated with a 22 karat gold finish. Elongated bowl or vase has a diamond-like shape with ribbing on each side and white interior glaze.
Kingwood Ceramics was a pottery company in East Palestine, OH, from 1939-2004. Kingwood's Weeping-Bright Gold line was primarily made during the 1940s. The high price of gold eventually forced Kingwood to end the line.
If you're thinking of stocking up on Weeping-Bright Gold and removing the gold for your retirement ... Not gonna happen. Since it is 22 karat, it is not pure gold. Sorry. However, on the bright side (no pun intended) you will have better decor than Fort Knox.
Available from our Etsy shop.

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