Saturday, April 6, 2013

Design Inspiration - Gatsby Style

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is considered one of the great American novels.

This summer, a new film version is being released, and Art Deco and styles from the Roaring Twenties is experiencing a resurgence.

Design Inspiration… Quotes from The Great Gatsby

19th Hole Mini Bar, Triple Flask Set in Wood Carrier, German Tin-Lined Flasks & 2 Shot Cups, AHS (Alfred Harald Schneider), Made in Germany from ZoeDesignsVintage on
"I noticed that she wore
her evening-dress,
all her dresses,
like sports clothes..."

"I was flattered
to go places with her,
because she was
a golf champion,
and every one
knew her name."
~ Nick Carraway on Jordan Baker ~

"On a chance we tried an important-looking door, and walked into a high Gothic library, paneled with carved English oak, and probably transported complete from some ruin overseas.

A stout, middle-aged man, with enormous owl-eyed spectacles, was sitting somewhat drunk on the edge of a great table, staring with unsteady concentration at the shelves of books."
Brass Seashell Bookends, Hollywood Regency, Art Deco Style, Nautical Theme, Shell Bookends from ZoeDesignsVintage on

 Krome-Kraft Amethyst Pitcher, Art Deco Style Cocktail Pitcher, Cambridge Glass, Purple with Chrome Base, Farber Bros., ca. 1940s from ZoeDesignsVintage on
"Suddenly one of the gypsies, in trembling opal, seizes a cocktail
out of the air, dumps it down for courage and, moving her hands
like Frisco

, dances out alone on
the canvas platform. A momentary hush; the orchestra leader varies his rhythm obligingly for her, and there is a burst of chatter as the erroneous news goes around that she is Gilda Gray's understudy
from the 'Follies.'
The party has begun."

"Finally we came to Gatsby's own apartment, a bedroom and a bath, and an Adam study
, where we sat down and drank a glass of some Chartreuse he took from a cupboard in the wall.

His bedroom was the simplest room of all - except where the dresser was garnished with a toilet set of pure dull gold. Daisy took the brush with delight, and smoothed her hair, whereupon Gatsby sat down and shaded his eyes and began to laugh."
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