Thursday, October 29, 2015

Curated Treasury: "Morning.."

Our featured Etsy Treasury today, "Morning..", is from Irit Avraham, from Karmi'el, Israel. Irit is the owner of the vintage shop MeshuMash, and the jewelry and fashion shop MoreThanPrettyThings.

Irit opened MeshuMash in 2011. Irit discovered Etsy in 2010, when she was looking for a place to sell her originnals paintings, her main art form at the time.

"Since being a young girl, school craft classes were my favorites. I am excited about many kinds of crafts, using new and old materials.

My vintage shop is one path of this journey, and this adventure brought many wonderful things into my life. I love creating out of new and left over things, flea markets fill me with joy, I have met so many wonderful people in my traveling, and was thrilled by things I thought time had forgotten."

Finding treasures from the past, nostalgic from my childhood, my mother and grandma house. Both were teaching me cooking, sewing, knitting, crocheting. They grew up in a world that didn't have so much, so they found a way to re-use things, transform daily simple stuff into jewelry, for example."

After opening MeshuMash, Irit started creating jewelry, and some knitting and fabric art, combining all the influences she had experienced over the years. In 2013, Irit opened MoreThanPrettyThings, a showcase for her handmade Bohemian jewelry and fashion, upcycled clothing and fashion accessories. 

"I meet so many wonderful people while looking for new treasures for the shop [MeshuMash]. Everywhere I go these days, have something for me.

I get inspired by so many things, colors, urban architecture, a leaf on the ground, a story, people.

A special attention is given to the materials and color combinations into a high quality finished product. This is my Fashion Vision for Women of all Ages, its what I like to wear."

Please take the time to browse both of Irit's shops, MeshuMash and MoreThanPrettyThings, on Etsy.

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  1. Irit... your collection caught me. Beautifully composed, homey and warm ... with such heart!!! Loved each and every piece of this collection!! Ellen

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  3. Somehow my comment duplicated, so erased:)

  4. Somehow my comment duplicated, so erased:)

  5. Thank you so much Ellen ! This post made me feel so special ♥
    I love what i do and love making treasuries as well.
    Irit ♥

  6. This is a gorgeous treasury.....Irit has a great eye for detail and i always love being in her creations! :-))
    You have a wonderful blog here Ellen and Bob, happy to be here,
    Eveline xo

  7. Thanks so much, Ellen & Bob, for sharing Irit's story! It is always an honor and such a pleasure to be featured in one of her amazing creations! She has such a lovely eye for design and a heart for serving others!