Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Curated Treasury: "w h i s p e r e d . d r e a m"

through the secret door I caught a gleam
of a whispered dream
I stretched out my finger
in hope it may linger
but is evaporated like morning dew
and with it echoes of you

~ Cecilia and Eyal Lind-Binyamini from StudioLind

Today we're featuring the treasury "w h i s p e r e d . d r e a m", curated by Brian Western from Western Art Glass, of Minneapolis, MN. Brian transforms discarded glass bottles, and scrounged pieces of stained glass, into memories, dreams and floating clouds.

"I'm the slightly rumpled fellow--wandering through the cosmos with a puzzled/quizzical/out-of-focus look on my face...noticing interesting shapes and contours..thinking about glass and light..lines diverging and converging...the meaning of life.

Originally from Canada, Brian’s brother taught him the nuts and bolts of stained glass art. But Brian’s designs are uniquely his, reflecting nature’s beauty through reclaimed amber beer bottles made into honeycomb jewelry, or dancing-leaf mobiles.

Brian’s specialty is custom-made designs made to order, for anyone from brides to entomologists (his beautiful birds, bees, bugs, and insects are accurately depicted). This is JEWELRY for the home and, as Brian would say, "For your earlobes and clavicle."

"So many little stories...daughters remembering their fathers taking them fishing and selecting fish from my stained glass stringer...a son who recently selected an elm leaf mobile for his parents, as an ode to an elm tree that had to be removed from their backyard...the nurse who caught an enormous catfish, only to lose the snapshot after the catfish was released, asking to immortalize this moment in art glass...a prose poet/wood worker/bookkeeper remembers an encounter with a diminutive owl, and collaborates with little sketches and natural history snippets to realize that memory by modifying one of my existing designs...the entomologist who requested an anatomically correct female deer tick...and on and on."

Please take the time to browse Western Art Glass on Etsy.

Also, visit Cecilia, at StudioLind, whose beautiful poetry introduced this treasury. Cecilia and Brian often collaborate on treasuries with their complementary art forms.

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We hope you enjoy this treasury.

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  1. We chose Brian's collection to feature... for it's hues and choices, and his wonderful ability to add in the quirky and the fun, as a part of the beauty. He asked that we include Cecilia's (Lind Studio) poetic wordplay... as they often collaborate, placing their complementary art forms in the same treasury. xo Ellen

  2. Thank you, what a delightful treat!
    Having Brian's wonderful creations around makes one's home and life so much more beautiful.

  3. Thank you Ellen (and Bob)...a wonderful surprise! And thanks to Cecilia...it's wonderful to have her words ricocheting in your cranium--she always makes sense of the abstract and cul de sac! And it was about that same time, Phillip Marlowe stopped fumbling for the car key in his jacket pocket, found a dog eared Post-it® Note with smudged and scrawled, "Don't look now, but..."

  4. nice collection from Brian and thanks for the feature...xo