Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Curated Treasury: "Complicated"

Etsy is a fabulous social shopping experience. Our involvement has led us to discover new shops, and new friends, all over the globe.

Today's treasury is curated by Marta & Gints, from the Etsy shop MagpiesShop, located in Riga, Latvia.

MagpiesShop features, among its multitude of beautiful items, Baltic Amber jewelry and Vintage Dresses.

Marta, owner, maker, designer, and curator is, "[T]he hand behind stitches and crimps of the jewelry" you see on MagpiesShop. Gints, maker, and curator, "[H]elps with shop photos, amber polishing, and keeping the kids away from bead trays".

Describing the philosophy behind MagpiesShop, Marta says,

"We believe that vintage is one of the solutions to minimize consumption. It is also a way to accent your own unique style, add a historical touch. Using vintage details in our jewelry, second hand materials for wrapping and searching for ways to give new life to vintage garments, we hope to change the world for better in our own small way."

MagpiesShop is a showcase for creativity, and, definitely, a place for fun.

"MagpiesShop crowd loves to make every photoshoot a spectacular party, and we try to have fun wherever we can. We are thankful for the opportunity that Etsy gives - to reach customers from all over the world.. and it's a privilege to chat and laugh together with the wonderful Etsy colleagues!"

Here is a small sampling of items you will find when visiting MagpiesShop.


Please take the time to browse MagpiesShop on Etsy.

We also encourage you to take the time to visit the shops of the artists featured in this treasury, explore the variety of their work, and learn more about them.

We hope you enjoy this treasury.



  1. Stylish... artistic... complicated....

    Fabulous collection


  2. Love the combination of choices she chose. Very artistic.
    Very unique and awesome shop!

  3. Marta is an artist! You can see it in the way she photographs and in the treasuries she makes!

  4. GORGEOUS!! --- Thank you, Ellen. You are a gem!!! xxRenee