Sunday, January 18, 2015

Curated Treasury: "The Interval: The Museum of Made and Found#44"

Today's Etsy treasury, is curated by the artist Paula Mattson from the eponymous Etsy shop paulamattson.

Paula Mattson is an accomplished watercolor and mixed-media artist. A Chicago area artist, Paula studied at the Art Institute and is a graduate of the University of Illinois Chicago.

Describing her art, Paula says,

"Certain intrinsic qualities persist throughout each series of work that has evolved over the years. The pieces are characterized by fragments of reality combined with design elements and forms in compositions where the positive image is surrounded by areas of negative space, each of equal importance."

You can learn more about Paula Mattson by reading Paula's profile page on her Etsy shop.

Here is a small sampling of Paula Mattson's work.


Please take the time to browse Paula Mattson's Etsy shop.

We also encourage you to view other works by the artists featured in this treasury in their Etsy shops.

We hope you enjoy this treasury.



  1. Paula... this collection is sublime... evocative. It leaves me listening and watching for... the interval.

    Ellen and Bob

  2. Paula's artworks is always so irresistible and beyond poetic!!!

  3. Beautiful and graceful as Paula. Her work is stellar.