Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Curated Treasury: "... ruby reds ..."

A curated treasury featuring just a few of the many talented artists on Etsy that we are fortunate to know.

We hope you enjoy this treasury, and take the time to view other works featured by these artists in their Etsy shops.


  1. Have always enjoyed curating treasuries and when I see one that completely resonates with me ... perhaps a similar style ... call it adventurous, as it captures a cross-section of styles ... I fall in love. And not just b/c I was so kindly featured .... the style just speaks out. A piece of art. Thanks again!

  2. Beautiful style in this collection. Let's keep the treasuries alive!

  3. There is so much amazing, artistry here... choosing pieces for a treasury is an absolute joy. And the styles and themes of the etsy treasuries are so varied and amazing... we want to keep them open to the etsy community.

    We will be publishing one treasury per evening for the rest of the year... and along with the treasury, featuring the artist who collected the curation and four pieces from their shop.

    Please join us in enjoying the various shops and supporting their work... !!! Ellen and Bob